Trespassing III
8.21 July, 2022

Curated by Ronnie K. Pirovino

“Being a part of Christie’s Trespassing III curated by Ronnie K. Pirovino represents the full realization of two remarkable years as Skygolpe and a celebration of a lifetime dedicated to creation.

Trespassing has always aimed for innovation at the intersection of art and technology. The auction has consistently achieved record-breaking results for artists such as Katherine Bernhardt, Edgar Plans, and Trespassing III features works across multiple categories by leading names such as KAWS, Banksy, and Invader.

In the same vein of perpetual evolution, I wanted to personally utilize this opportunity to create something unique and meaningful on multiple levels to embody this pivotal moment in both art and the web3 ecosystem.

After much reflection, it felt vital for this auction to be an NFT. However, what is significant, is that this NFT will be the certificate of authenticity of a physical painting.
For the first time at Christie’s, the ownership of a physical painting is obtained by purchasing the digital certificate (NFT) in such a relevant context. The buyer of the NFT certificate will also receive the actual physical painting as a consequence of their purchase.
This can open the way towards a radical shift into future artists and collectors’ mindset and behaviors.

A few considerations and reflections:

- This process in way is reshaping the potential relationship between custody and ownership. This new dynamic will stimulate collectors to embrace a more open mentality towards having the physical works exhibited in public collections or museums. NFT certified ownership is inherently public, and it represents a direct access to the market. The concept of fruition is destined to increase its relevance more and more.

- It will incentivize traditional collectors and institutions to access all web3 tools and comforts that the blockchain can offer. Selling a physical piece could finally be easy, transparent, and direct as blockchain protocols or platforms could function to arbitrage the parties in delicate matters such as appraising, shipping, insurance, and provenance.

- Artists that come from the physical world will have the chance to feel represented in this new technological revolution. The correct use of digital certificates should represent another extremely important case of use for NFTs.
- It’s an improper expectation that other artists from the physical world were obliged to create a digital version of their work to access the blockchain.
A solid market that revolves around NFT certificates can indeed widen up the market horizons.
- Certificates of authenticity as we previously knew them were merely used for attestation purposes.

Thanks to NFTs they have developed into digital assets that can unlock many interesting utilities such as direct access to interested buyers, public proof of ownership, social media identification, collateralization, and many more.

- The provenance and the history of the painting will be publicly visible on the blockchain. After the impact of NFTs it’s hard to imagine any successful market model without having transparency as a core value. The physical art sector has a great opportunity to align with contemporaneity and become an influential leader of this inevitable digital revolution.

- The painting will also contain an NFC chip that will be linked to the NFT certificate. However, it’s my vision, this shouldn’t remove collectors or institutions from their responsibilities. It will still be in their hands to preserve this connection as the custodian between the physical work and the nftcertificate. Education and awareness will play a major role on creating the correct culture around this new market model.”