> Art Dubai, [Dubai] AE
> PCS: Post Concrete Semiotics, Nighttimestory US / VR
> A New Beginning, Expandedart gallery [Berlino] DE
> Visual Detachment, Superrare [Lugano] CH
> Paint on Pixel, Valuart, private event [Lugano] CH
> Paint on Pixel, Galerie Widmer, private event [Zurigo] CH
> Disruption, W1Curates, 33 NFT + Cozomo de’ Medici collection [London] UK
> Christie’s Trespassing III, Christie’s [New York] US

The art of printing

(...)”Rather, it triggers a feedback loop mechanism in which the abundance of "value" produced contrasts with the actual and impossible exchangeability of banknotes. In a sense, the work is an autonomous production of value, a creation of value as a social and cultural construction, which evolves and transforms over time based on the artist's needs and dynamics. The printers, in fact, are on 24/7 and produce photocopied banknotes continuously for 15 days (the same duration as the exhibition in which they are presented), using the electrical energy of the museum/foundation or gallery that hosts the art

PCS: Post Concrete Semiotics,
JAN 4 - FEB 20,2023

“The plasticity of the mind is not limited to behavioral traits - the illusion of reincarnation, for example, is possible because the mind is so malleable that it can even distort its own reincarnation. To be clear, embodied hallucinations can arise from normal brain activity and do not necessarily imply changes in the underlying neural structure. Such hallucinations naturally occur in dreams, for example, or in phantom limb experiences, out-of-body experiences, and body integrity identity disorders, and sometimes include changes in what is known in consciousness research as “unit of identity,” a phenomenon that relates to the conscious content we currently experience as “ourselves.”

Lost Signals
Installation view: Lost Signals (series), lcd, steel structure, 500x400x380 cm, 2022