The declaration 'NFTs are dead' serves as a provocative statement designed to stimulate contemplation and prompt reflection on the rapid pace at which we embrace trends within the digital art scene. This statement, which appears fully immersed in the present moment, actually engages with the ongoing tension through its inherent contradiction.

Discussing the 'death' of something as novel as NFTs is puzzling. It's akin to witnessing the birth of a star and then, declaring it extinguished. In our world, where even our digital personas have a life of their own in bits and bytes, asserting that something is dead transcends mere words – it's a complex riddle. Despite appearances, this work isn't disparaging NFTs. Instead, it invites us to look far beyond the current perspective.

The concept of this work was first introduced by Skygolpe during his solo show at FOUNDRY in Dubai, 15.11.23 / 07.01.24.

*all images: Installation view, public intervention and documentation, size, medium and locations, variable, 2024