Skygolpe is one of the leading artists in the digital art space working with NTFs.
His work has been exhibited worldwide and his digital editions are sought after by major collectors.
The artist's research is pointing to a direct introspection often leaving the spectator with a sense of
reflection. His iconic faceless portraits are the result of a unique process that combines physical layers with
digital elements. The intersection between art and technology also features prominently in his
installations. A conceptual body of work that deeply fathoms the relationship between men and the current
state of hyper-evolution.
Recent Skygolpe’s exhibitions include: Visual Detachment, Superrare (Lugano, CH), Paint on Pixel (Galerie
Widmer, private event in Zurich, CH), Disruption (W1Curates, London, UK), Trespassing III (Christie's, New
York, USA), Festival della Visione V (Videocittà, Rome, IT), Proof of People (Fabric, London, UK), Fakewhale
Collective (Valuart, Lugano, CH), Decentral Art Pavilion (Palazzo Giustinian, Venice, IT) 2022 talks: NFTin
Europe (Théâtre du Gymnase, Paris, FR), Metavanity w/ Vanityfair (Aman Venice, Venice, IT), L'evoluzione
del collezionismo (Villa Panza, Varese, IT), Why do NFT's Matter? (Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE) 2021 exhibitions:
NFT Exhibition (Moco Museum, Amsterdam, NL), The Gateway NFTnow x Christie's (Art Basel, Miami, USA),
DART2121 (Museo della Permanente, Milan, Italy), Metapurse Collective AR-VR (Dreamverse Gallery, New
York, USA), Unrealism (SuperRare, Spatial VR), H/ID/DEN x Hackatao (Arium, VR), Lost In Crypto (PlanX Art
Gallery, Milan, Italy), Renaissance 2.0 2.0 c/o MOCDA (S. Salvatore In Lauro, Rome, IT).

2023 exhibitions:

> Art Dubai, [Dubai] AE
> PCS: Post Concrete Semiotics, Nighttimestory US / VR

2022 exhibitions:

> A new beginning, Expandedart gallery [Berlino] DE
> Visual Detachment, Superrare [Lugano] CH
> Paint on Pixel, Galerie Widmer, private event  [Zurigo] CH
> Disruption, W1Curates, 33 NFT + Cozomo de’ Medici collections’ [London] UK
> Christie’s, Trespassing III, 20 Rockefeller Plaza [New York] USA
> Videocittà, Festival della Visione V [Roma] IT
> Proof of People, Fabric [London] UK
> Fakewhale Collective, Valuart [Lugano] CH
> Decentral Art Pavilion, Palazzo Giustinian [Venezia] IT

2023 talks:

> Casa San Remo, [San Remo] IT
2022 talks:

> NFTin Europe,Théâtre du Gymnase [Paris] FR
> Metavanity w/ Vanityfair, Aman Venice [Venezia] IT
> L’evoluzione del collezionismo, Villa Panza [Varese] IT
> Why do NFT’s Matter?, Art Dubai [Dubai] UAE

2021 exhibitions:

> NFT Exhibition, Moco Museum [Amsterdam] NL
> The Gateway NFTnow x Christie's, Art Basel [Miami] USA
> DART2121, Museo della Permanente [Milan] Italy
> Metapurse Collective AR-VR, Dreamverse Gallery [New York] USA
> Unrealism, SuperRare [Spatial] VR
> H/ID/DEN x Hackatao [Arium] VR
> Lost In Crypto, PlanX Art Gallery [Milan] Italy
> Renaissance 2.0 2.0 c/o MOCDA, S. Salvatore In Lauro [Rome] IT 
> MOCA c/o Museum of Crypto Art [Somnium Space] VR


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