Skygolpe is one of the leading artists in the NFT space. His practice mixes different digital and analogue elements to achieve a hybrid result that lives in a middle ground between the virtual and real dimensions (mixed reality).
His paintings are obtained by superimposing different layers of physical and digital painting. The acrylic paint deposited on the canvas is confronted with differentunderlying materials and patterns generating a dialogue that breaks a precise pattern of monothematic definition of painting to embrace new formal and heterogeneous
Each work is constructed as a "desktop" in which fragments of other references are mixed, generating comparisons and juxtapositions, revising a gestural approach.
The canvases thus comprise a process that generates "errors" and unexpected results that combine to form the composition of the final painting.
Occupying seemingly provisional positions in the gallery space, his installations aggregate different elements and contexts related to digital culture, rejecting the rhetoric of closed meanings to draw rather on a more open debate about the digital and its influence within everyday life. The visitor's reading of his exhibitions enters into an uncertain sphere both of sharing and fruition, triggering a question about which part of the artistic operation we see is "real" and tangible and which part is the "documentation" of th exhibition. In an era in which the object has been overtaken by its image, the virtual image of certain parts of the exhibition contributes to the perception of a mixed reality,generating snapshots of the work and producing an interlaced experience that is difficult to separate.
The photographic or two-dimensional representation of things in fact merges with the space in a unique continuous and valid narrative with the viewer, like an uninterrupted "flow" of elements, on all levels.

2022 exhibitions:

> Paint on Pixel, Galerie Widmer, private event  [Zurigo] CH
> Disruption, W1Curates, 33 NFT + Cozomo de’ Medici collections’ [London] UK
> Christie’s, Trespassing III, 20 Rockefeller Plaza [New York] USA
> Videocittà, Festival della Visione V [Roma] IT
> Proof of People, Fabric [London] UK
> Fakewhale Collective, Valuart [Lugano] CH
> Decentral Art Pavilion, Palazzo Giustinian [Venezia] IT
2022 Talks:

> NFTin Europe,Théâtre du Gymnase [Paris] FR
> Metavanity w/ Vanityfair, Aman Venice [Venezia] IT
> L’evoluzione del collezionismo, Villa Panza [Varese] IT
> Why do NFT’s Matter?, Art Dubai [Dubai] UAE

2021 exhibitions:

> NFT Exhibition, Moco Museum [Amsterdam] NL
> The Gateway NFTnow x Christie's, Art Basel [Miami] USA
> DART2121, Museo della Permanente [Milan] Italy
> Metapurse Collective AR-VR, Dreamverse Gallery [New York] USA
> Unrealism, SuperRare [Spatial] VR
> H/ID/DEN x Hackatao [Arium] VR
> Lost In Crypto, PlanX Art Gallery [Milan] Italy
> Renaissance 2.0 2.0 c/o MOCDA, S. Salvatore In Lauro [Rome] IT 
> MOCA c/o Museum of Crypto Art [Somnium Space] VR